10 Weeks Pregnancy

By 10 weeks pregnancy, your baby’s vital organs such as kidneys, brain, liver and intestines take their final shape and their place in the body. Now that you are in the 10 week gestation period, we can congratulate you. Your baby growing day by day in your body is no longer an embryo. He is now a fetus. The most critical period of its development has been completed. With this change, many innovations await both your baby and you. Beginning to have more humanoid lines, the fetus now begins to take the fetal position where its organs and tissues will grow rapidly. Many organs are in working condition and their length is growing rapidly. As your stomach begins to swell to show that you are fully pregnant, many physical changes are beginning to show that you are pregnant.

Baby at 10 Weeks Pregnancy

During the 10 weeks pregnancy period, your baby reaches approximately 3.5 cm in length. The contours of the fetus, which is almost the size of a plum, start to look more like a person day by day. During the 10-week pregnancy, the bones and cartilage of the fetus begin to form and the small bumps on the legs turn into knees and wrists. Their arms are completed with their elbows, so your baby begins to bend their arms. You may be surprised how miraculous this is, but do not throw yourself into stores that sell baby clothes with this excitement. The arms we are talking about still belong to a fetus and are tiny. But don’t worry, those arms will keep getting stronger every day.

By the 10 weeks of pregnancy, your baby can now swallow fluids and start causing problems for you. Vital organs such as kidneys, brain, liver and intestines have taken their final shape and their place in the body and even though they will continue to develop, they have started to work. In addition to producing digestive acids in your stomach, your kidneys produce a lot of urine and if your baby is a boy, it also releases testosterone. In addition, his heart is fully developed and beats 2-3 times faster than yours.

If you could see the inside of your uterus in detail, you might have noticed some minor changes in your baby. For example, as her extensions gradually turn into feet and toenails, or her hair that looks like a peach feather begins to come out of the sensitive skin. Other changes occur in the 10th week, such as the outlines of the fully visible spine under the transparent skin and the spinal nerves begin to extend towards the spinal cord. The forehead part of his head, which is half the size of his body, creates a protruding image due to his developing brain. In the 10th week, the tooth fairy also visits your baby and brings milk teeth that develop under the gums. But these teeth will not show themselves until your baby is born and is 6 months old.

10 Weeks Pregnancy
10 Weeks Pregnancy

Pregnancy Symptoms 10 Weeks

During the 10 weeks pregnancy period, some awareness may begin to dawn on your head. Topics such as where you want to give birth to your baby always come to mind and worry. In fact, this is a completely normal feeling. Many expectant mothers feel anxious and stressed during the 10-week period of their pregnancy. This may be due to changes in your body and life or how to raise your baby. First, remember that this is a temporary process that happens to everyone and try talking to your doctor or birth control specialist. It will be good for you to share what you have in mind with experts. Also, it is perfectly normal for you to still experience symptoms such as morning sickness and tiredness. However, acting as much as possible is important for the health of both you and your baby.

You will notice obvious changes in your body during the 10 week gestation period. In the first trimester, your breasts have to work overtime. In this period, progesterone causes the glands to grow and estrogen provides the growth of the milk ducts. The veins expand, the breasts swell and the nipples enlarge, so that the baby can reach it more easily. This bra can increase your size up to 2 sizes. So, have you noticed a change in your skin this week? Due to the increasing hormones during pregnancy, your skin started to release more oil, which brought a natural glow to your skin. Also, your face looks more lively and tense due to your increased blood pressure. Get ready to hear you look healthier and more beautiful.

What to do for the Last 10 Weeks of Pregnancy

  • As of the 10 weeks pregnancy period, almost all the organs of your baby, including the lip and palate structure, are completed. Lip and palate is one of the longest-growing organs. The development in these sections is completed in approximately 3 weeks.
  • Now on ultrasound you can see that your baby gets a full human image, starts to move and even suck his finger. In the 10-week pregnancy period, babies generally look like a large shrimp, both in shape and height.
  • In order for your baby to have healthy teeth and bones, it is beneficial to consume at least 1000 mg of calcium per day with the advice of your doctor.

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