11 Weeks Pregnancy

During the 11 weeks pregnancy period, your baby reaches a length of about 2.54 – 3.81 cm and its size is about a ripe fig. When you come to the 11 weeks gestation period, your baby reaches a length of about 2.54 – 3.81 cm. Its size is about a ripe fig. In this state, your baby really starts to look like a little person. The development of your baby from 11 weeks of pregnancy takes important steps. So much so that he begins to open and close his hands, which he holds in a tiny fist. It is possible to see his feet clearly. However, while small teeth are formed under the gums, most of their bones begin to harden quickly.

The delicate movements in the amniotic fluid of the 11-week-old baby who tries to kick in the womb with stretching movements is effortless just like a water ballet. These movements begin to be observed more frequently as pregnancy progresses. Frequent movements of the baby in the womb are considered as an indication of a healthy development. However, you will not feel your baby’s acrobatic movements from the 11th week until at least 1-2 months more. Although the diaphragm that started to form in the 11th week of pregnancy causes vaguely contractile movements, it is not possible to feel these hiccups in the 11th week.

11 Week Pregnancy
11 Week Pregnancy

Baby at 11 Weeks Pregnancy

Despite all the important improvements your baby has made in the 11th week, it will still be able to reach a maximum length of 4 cm until this week, but it is still early to say something about her gender. However, the 11th week of pregnancy is an important period when the baby’s ovaries or testicles begin to form. When you reach the 11th week of pregnancy, your baby’s head structure has already developed quite well and the facial bones have started to become apparent. Its ears are located close to its final form. The tongue and palate continue to develop by taking its place in the mouth structure and connecting it with the nostrils. Meanwhile, your baby’s hair follicles begin to become apparent, forming a crown on the head.

Although the body structure still constitutes 1/3 of your baby’s total body length during the 11-week gestation period, body lines start to take a more proportional and smooth shape as of this week. Even if you don’t feel it yet, the movement in the womb increases gradually at the end of the 11th week. Beginning in the middle of the 11th week, your baby’s whole body structure and developing organs begin to perform its own functions.

Pregnancy Symptoms at 11 Weeks

During the 11th week of pregnancy, your body continues to expand rapidly, both internally and externally. The 10 weeks to follow this week will be the fastest progressing process for your baby and you. As your body begins to produce more blood, sweat, fat and amniotic fluid, you need to drink more water. Now that you need to consume more water, you should definitely have a water bottle with you wherever you go. For your health, you should take care to consume useful liquids such as water and milk and avoid carbohydrate drinks.

From the 11th week, you will start waking up more in the morning. This is a good sign, as it shows that nausea is relieved. But increased appetite does not require you to eat two-person meals. Weight control is important for both your baby and your own health. For this reason, you should avoid snacks without nutritional value, instead you should prefer natural foods with high nutritional properties.

What to do for the Last 11 Weeks of Pregnancy

If your nausea persists during the 11-week gestational period, so don’t worry if you can’t gain weight. If you started the pregnancy process in a healthy way, experts predict an increase in weight from 450 grams to 2,250 kilograms in the first 3 months of pregnancy. After the 11th week, your appetite will start to increase and you will continue to take an average of 450 grams each week. As of this week, you can feel more energetic like most pregnant women. However, even if your nausea is relieved, the change in hormone levels unfortunately causes your digestive system to slow down. It is possible that you may experience constipation problems and heartburn during this period.

With all this change that occurs during the 11-week gestation period, you may need to make some changes to your skin care routine. Because from this week, your skin may show excessive drying or oiling. Another issue that worries women is the cracks and birthmarks that occur during pregnancy. To prevent these, you can treat your body with cocoa or coconut oil so you can increase your skin’s suppleness and moisture. These treatments will help the scars disappear in a short time after birth. From the 11 weeks of pregnancy, the protrusion in the lower abdomen begins to become apparent. Although you have this look, you are likely to look like you’ve eaten too much when you still look in the mirror.

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