14 Weeks Pregnancy

14 Weeks Pregnancy

During the 14 weeks pregnancy period, your baby’s dimensions range from approximately 51 mm to 102 mm and weighs up to 42 grams. You are in the second trimester period during the 14 weeks pregnancy period and your baby is on the way to becoming a real “individual”. So much so that even unique fingerprints began to take shape. The second trimester period covers the period from 13 to 17 weeks. It is estimated that the state of nausea and exhaustion will not continue for a long time during this period. Because the second trimester period is the most comfortable period of the pregnancy process. The 14th week, an important period for brain and eye development, is the period when your baby begins to form as a small cell cluster. The small mouth of the baby is formed literally and cheek development is also supported, which helps the suction reflex to form completely. If you will have a baby boy, prostate formation and if you will have a baby girl, its movement towards the pelvis of the ovaries takes place within the 14 weeks of pregnancy.

During the 14 weeks pregnancy period, depending on the end of the first trimester period, a decrease in the feeling of exhaustion and a feeling of fit again may be experienced. On the other hand, the growth of breasts continues, but the sensation of tenderness decreases. Morning sickness and vomiting have also come to an end. Increased appetite, varicose veins and nasal congestion are also conditions that can be experienced during this period.

Baby at 14 Weeks Pregnancy

Your baby’s dimensions range from approximately 51 mm to 102 mm and weighs up to 42 grams. If you can see your baby’s face, you may be frightened and dissatisfied with this view. Because your baby’s facial muscles are in the development stage and have a flexible structure. All his small organs, nerves and muscles begin to function. The small intestine moves in your baby’s body and the liver begins producing bile. Bile will assist in digestion of fats in the future and the pancreas initiates the production of insulin hormone, allowing sugar to be converted into energy form. At this stage, your baby’s arms are not proportional to her own body, but her legs will continue to grow a little more until the baby’s proportions are fully completed. With the hair and eyebrow hair of your baby, which has started to gain a real human appearance, even unique fingerprints that will be found on the fingers have started to form. Facial muscles are also activated in this period.

During pregnancy at 14 weeks period, a great development is observed in the baby. Now your baby becomes a little boy who is frowning, squint, wrinkled, pee and probably sucks his thumb. Muscle movements like these that occur on your baby’s face are the work of brain impulses. Your baby, whose kidneys begin to produce urine, now pours urine into the amniotic fluid surrounding it (this process is followed until the baby’s birth). The weight of the head, which reaches an average lemon size of 89 mm, is around 14 grams. The head of your baby, whose body develops faster than its head, stands prominently on its neck. Towards the end of this week, your baby’s arms will grow in proportion to other parts of your body.

Ultra-thin hairs called “lanugo”, which spread throughout the body of your baby, begin to develop in a way to create hair and body hair (hair and eyebrow color may not be evident until birth). The spleen starts producing red blood cells. At this stage of pregnancy, your baby’s small intestines begin to produce “meconium”. It is a type of meconium waste and will be the first bowel movement of your baby after birth.

14 Weeks Pregnancy
14 Weeks Pregnancy

Changes in 14 Weeks of Pregnancy

Since you are in the 14 weeks of pregnancy, the second trimester of pregnancy, you will get rid of the troubles experienced in the first trimester period. Although this period is a comfortable period, some strange side effects such as nosebleeds and snoring are possible. Nasal congestion during pregnancy can affect the pumping of blood throughout the body. As a result, nosebleeds may occur. This is not an issue to worry about, except that it may disturb you. Round ligament pain is a sharp pain that usually manifests itself during the 14 weeks pregnancy period.

During the 14 weeks pregnancy period, strange situations such as mud and coal craving may also occur. But the most distinctive feature of this week is that it will be a healthy, energetic and sexy period without morning sickness and tiredness. Mood swings also calm down during this period. During this week of pregnancy, you will feel relieved as if you have passed from stormy oceans to calm waters.

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