15 Weeks Pregnancy

15 Weeks Pregnancy

15 Weeks Pregnancy

Your baby, which continues its development rapidly during the 15 weeks pregnancy period, will now be an apple size and weigh approximately 50 grams. The facial contours continue to become apparent and they spend most of their day sleeping. Even though the eyelids are not yet fully shaped, your baby can now notice the light and escape from it. In addition, your baby is beginning to gain more specialized abilities such as swallowing and sucking. In addition, their sense of taste has also improved. But unfortunately he will not remember the tastes he received. He also develops a talent that can contribute to his development even if he does not remember. From now on, your baby can now hear you. You can sing to him a lot. Even if many of the expectant mothers cannot feel your baby, you now have the chance to hear his kicks even if he is active and very small. For you, these weeks are the time when your belly is getting better shape and when you move your hand around your belly, a mass like a soft ball comes to your hand. It is very normal that your old pants are tight. Casual clothes, one of the pluses of pregnancy, become more preferred for expectant mothers after these weeks.

Baby at 15 Weeks Pregnancy

As of this week, almost all babies have been able to work in the womb as of this week. The pancreas can now secrete insulin that helps regulate the amount of sugar in the blood. The thyroid gland has also started to work. In addition, your baby’s facial muscles have been able to work since the 15 weeks pregnancy period. In addition, its skin is so thin and transparent that your baby’s veins are visible through the skin. A thin layer of hair has been formed covering the skin and this layer accompanies your baby until the 20th week. While these are happening, your baby is at the stage of developing the ability to hear. Although the outer ear is not fully formed yet, it is considered to have hearing ability, although it is not so successful. It is useful to think that you have heard you from these weeks and be positive and talk about positive things.

However, it is normal that you cannot feel these movements. Many expectant mothers begin to feel their baby’s movements between the 16th and 22nd weeks. If you came across during ultrasound, your baby will be 7-8. started after the week. But it will take a little more time for you to feel it. Many mothers compare these movements to a small fish swimming in a belly, a butterfly’s flight, or a popcorn. You can mix the movement of gas or starvation at first with the movement of the baby, but when you start to feel the movements regularly, you will easily understand the difference.

The question of what will be the gender of the baby, which is the subject of curiosity of many parents, can be answered this week. Your baby’s hands have developed arms and are now visible on ultrasound. However, it is very likely that you have not yet learned the answer to this question. Because this depends entirely on the position of the baby in the womb, the success of the imaging equipment used and the person using it and the gender of the baby and your curiosity about the sex of your baby may continue for a few more weeks.

15 Weeks Pregnancy
15 Weeks Pregnancy

Changes in 15 Weeks Pregnancy

These weeks are the weeks when the mother’s womb becomes evident from good to good. However, the change in your body is not limited to your abdomen. The mother’s body is working to become able to produce breast milk at this time. This explains the wetness that expectant mothers may feel at the nipples from time to time. This is a very common and normal condition for the 15 weeks pregnancy period. Occasionally, pregnant women feel as if their noses are blocked and experience a nosebleed at an unexpected moment. There is nothing to worry about this condition, as a result of increased blood pressure with hormonal changes in the body. Apart from a few unexpected minor events, it is one of the best times of pregnancy during the 15 weeks pregnancy period. Many of the early pregnancy symptoms are not seen in this time period and expectant mothers can have a more comfortable and trouble-free time than the first trimester.

If you are considering having amniocentesis, the period from the 15 weeks of pregnancy to the 18th week is quite suitable for this application. Thanks to this application, hundreds of genetic and chromosomal diseases may be diagnosed in the future while the baby is in the womb. Thanks to this test, which is made around the baby in the mother’s womb and made of amnionic fluid that allows it to move easily, it is possible to secure your baby without any illness. But you don’t have to worry while waiting for the results. In most of the tests performed, the results confirm that babies are actually healthy and wipe out a few of your concerns about your baby’s health.

16 Weeks Pregnancy

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