17 Weeks Pregnancy

17 Weeks Pregnancy

17 Weeks Pregnancy

During the 17 weeks pregnancy period, your baby weighs approximately 150 grams (almost as much as a radish) and is 13 cm long. From the 17 weeks pregnancy period, you will gain about half a kilo every week until your baby is born, but this figure may vary from week to week. The only thing that expands is not your waist size; your uterus is expanding rapidly to accommodate your growing baby. After the 17 weeks pregnancy, it is no longer possible to hide that you are pregnant, so “congratulations!” Get used to hearing the sentence often.

Baby at 17 Weeks Pregnancy

During the 17 weeks pregnancy period, your baby’s skull evolves from soft cartilage to bone and the umbilical cord (the cord that connects the baby to the placenta) begins to become stronger and thicker. It now weighs about 150 grams (almost as much as a radish) and is 13 cm long. It can move the joints and the sweat glands begin to develop. Body fat has started to form and these fats will continue to accumulate throughout your pregnancy. Her heart began to be driven by her brain (no longer beats randomly). Your baby improves his chewing and sucking skills so he can suck milk from you or the bottle. In fact, many vital reflexes that the baby will have at birth are becoming perfect in your womb right now. Here are your baby’s first steps towards becoming a tiny person: in a few weeks in front of you, your baby will have fingerprints and will start moving his eyes left and right.

17 Weeks Pregnancy
17 Weeks Pregnancy

Changes in 17 Weeks of Pregnancy

As your belly grows, your balance center moves and from time to time it is perfectly normal to feel unbalanced when you are on your feet. But you should be careful against the risk of falling. To reduce this risk, wear shoes with flat soles, as a trauma to your abdomen can be dangerous for you and your baby. Make sure to fasten your seat belt while inside the car. Make sure that the lap area of ​​the belt is under your navel. You may have started to notice that you are having dry eyes. Tear drops can help you with this. If you are not comfortable with your contact lenses, try using them for a shorter period of time. If you still have your discomfort, you may want to consider using glasses until you give birth. During the second trimester, you will not only get rid of early pregnancy symptoms, but also your appetite will noticeably increase. Don’t be surprised if you feel hungry all of a sudden. But keep in mind, no matter how hungry you are, eating for two is one of the things that shouldn’t be done during pregnancy. If you have not gained the required amount of weight, you need to take a break; If you have gained a little extra weight, you can try to brake yourself a little. Some pregnant women begin to feel their baby’s first movements during this period, while others may have to wait a little longer for this. Some mothers describe it as flying a butterfly in the belly. Finally, you may have started to feel a little more energetic and healthy during this period. For this reason, mild body activities such as pelvic exercises may be useful for you in the future.

Triple Screen Test or Quad Screen Test?

The quad screening test helps roughly determine if you have a baby with Down syndrome. It also helps to detect and prevent other problems, such as neural tube defects. As we mentioned in our 15 weeks pregnancy letter, the quad screening test is the most important test that should be done in the 2nd trimester. The most ideal period to do is between the 15th and 18 weeks of pregnancy, but it can be done until the 22nd week. So if you haven’t got it done yet, you can have it at the 17 weeks pregnancy. The quad screening test is the same as the triple screening test, except for the fourth assessment, Inhibin A level. This fourth assessment (inhibin A level) increases the sensitivity of the standard triple screening test to detect Down syndrome by 20%. Therefore, it is more reasonable to apply only a quad screening test instead of the triple screening test after the first trimester double screening test. Because quad scan already includes triple sweep!

17 Weeks Pregnancy Vaginal Discharge Problem

We will tell you about the health of your baby that is constantly evolving. It is possible that odorless currents in yellow or white color may be observed in the expectant mother this week without any symptoms such as burning urine. In this period, the acceleration of currents and increase in quantity in some expectant mothers brings with it daily use of pads. Prospective mothers experiencing emotional transition period see this discharge as a risk that will affect pregnancy negatively. The currents that occur during these periods are harmless as long as they have the above features. In case of burning, itching, painful, colorful and fragrant discharge in urine, you should contact your doctor directly.

18 Weeks Pregnancy

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