22 Weeks Pregnancy

22 Weeks Pregnancy

The baby is almost 28 cm and 500 g during the 22 weeks pregnancy period. Baby is now like the miniature of a newborn baby. Dizziness is one of the normal side effects of pregnancy and is caused by a drop in blood pressure. During the 22 weeks pregnancy period, the blood cannot circulate as fast as before and therefore gives a feeling of dizziness when standing up or standing for a long time. You may now be enjoying pregnancy hormones, which are manifested in the form of stronger nails and hair, but you may also experience hair growth in unwanted areas. Try waxing, using tweezers or shaving; depilatory creams and fluffing agents can contain unwanted chemicals.

Baby at 22 Weeks Pregnancy

Your baby is almost 28 cm and 500 grams during the 22 weeks pregnancy period, like a newborn’s miniature. Her lips, eyelids and eyebrows are now more pronounced and even have tooth roots. His eyes were formed, but the iris (colored part of the eye) still does not have pigment. Now he can understand the light and darkness better than before. But unless you put a flashlight on your belly (which you can do), the inside of your womb will often be dark for your baby. If you could see the inside of your uterus, you might have noticed the thin layer of hair that covered your baby’s body and skin’s pits. This layer will support until your baby gains weight. The pancreas, which is responsible for the production of some important hormones in the abdominal region, is also developing slowly.

As your baby’s sense of touch develops during the 22 weeks pregnancy period, she will begin to understand the world more from now on. In fact, your baby’s grip strength is pretty much right now and sometimes he can hold the umbilical cord as there is nothing else to hold in the womb (don’t worry, the umbilical cord can hold baby hard). Baby can also hear your voice, your heartbeat, the noises of your stomach and the sounds your blood makes while circulating in your body. Finally, your baby can now sit on the day and night routine. In other words, when he is asleep and awake, he can proceed in an orderly manner. This routine can adapt to yours, so get used to midnight kicks and morning silences after 22 weeks of pregnancy.

22 Weeks Pregnancy
22 Weeks Pregnancy

Changes in 22 Weeks of Pregnancy

During the 22 weeks pregnancy period, your navel can turn into a hand magnet. If you do not want your friends to touch your belly, baby is quite normal to say this. And if people tell you that your belly is bigger or smaller than baby should be, don’t listen to them. Remember, every pregnant woman has her own rhythm. The important thing at this point is to visit your doctor regularly and make sure that your baby’s development is under control. You may see cracks in your enlarged abdomen to adapt to your growing baby. With this area, cracks may occur in your hips, buttocks and chest. While there is no definitive evidence that any lotion will prevent these stretch marks, baby’s good to keep your skin moist.

Your only area that grows in your body is not your stomach. Take a look at your feet while you can still see and you will see that they are growing too. Do you remember the hormone called relaxin? The hormone that loosens the ligaments and joints around your pelvis area and even makes you a little clumsy. Due to the effect of this hormone, the ligaments in your feet relax and the bones under them slowly separate. As a result, your feet grow by one or half the number during the 22 weeks pregnancy period. If you are going to buy yourself a new pair of shoes, choose the comfortable and flat sole.

Activity: Check your rings

As your pregnancy progresses, swelling of the fingers is a very common condition. If your rings are getting a little small, do yourself a favor and remove them before baby’s too late (at least check them regularly). If you don’t want to be separated from your wedding ring or other important ring, take a chain and hang baby around your neck, near your heart.

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