23 Weeks Pregnancy

23 weeks pregnancy

At the 23 weeks pregnancy, the doctor may recommend taking iron supplements to prevent anemia. If you are already dizzy or feel tired, anemia can cause these symptoms to increase even though it does not harm the baby. But the better you feel, the better the baby will feel, so you have to make sure you take the necessary action.

Baby at 23 Weeks Pregnancy

Since your baby’s perception of movement is now well developed, he can feel your movements. Baby is now over 28 cm tall and weighs almost as big as a mango. This is the beginning of the process that will gain weight seriously this week. Baby will only double in weight for the next 4 weeks. As her skin grows faster than her oils, she is a bit saggy now, but will soon start gaining the oil that will fill her skin. When your baby is born, he will have plump cheeks and heels. Even at the 23 weeks pregnancy, your baby’s organs and bones are visible under their skin (although they have a red appearance due to developing vessels and arteries), but will become less transparent as they store fat.

Another improvement is that you will now be able to see his movements under your clothes. You can also hear heartbeats through a normal stethoscope. The blood vessels in their lungs are developing to prepare for breathing and every day their ears perceive more sounds to prepare for the outside world. High-level sounds, such as the dog barking and the sound of the vacuum cleaner, are now familiar to him, but these sounds do not scare him because he reaches him through your uterus. If you’re expecting a baby boy, his testicles started to come down from the abdomen; womb and ovaries of girls are developed.

23 Weeks Pregnancy
23 Weeks Pregnancy

Changes in 23 Weeks of Pregnancy

You may have noticed that your heels and feet will begin to swell in the days and months in front of you, especially at the end of the day or in the summer heat. Slow circulation in your legs, along with the chemical changes that cause water attitude in your blood structure, can cause swelling, also known as edema. After birth, your body will get rid of this excess fluid, so you can go to the toilet quite a few days after birth. At the same time, lie on your left side and raise your feet as far as you can, stretch your feet when you sit down and avoid sitting or standing for a long time. Also, try to do exercises that will increase blood circulation and wear comfortable shoes. You may want to consider drinking less fluid to fight bloating, but the more fluid you consume, the less fluid your body will hold. Excessive bloating can be a harbinger of a disease called Preeclampsia. If your body is swollen too much, if you have swelling in your hands, face, or around your eyes, you can consult your doctor.

Your palms and soles may become red, rash, or skin rashes may appear. Your cracks can shine in any color your skin can pick up, such as pink or purple. A spot called linea nigra, a black line, can form between your navel and genital area. This black spot is more common in women with dark skin, but baby is caused by the same pregnancy hormone responsible for all skin blemishes. The area around your breasts will darken; the moles in your arms and legs will become more black. Again, many of the women with dark skin usually can observe skin spots called a pregnancy mask around the forehead, nose, cheekbones and eyes. But don’t worry, all these skin changes will disappear completely a few months after birth. In the last 3 months, expectant mothers usually need an extra 100 calories per day, but baby is best to take this extra calorie from nutritious foods rather than sugary foods.

Things to Pay Attention

You may have low back pain as your baby and therefore your abdomen grows. Here are some suggestions to reduce your low back pain:

  • Your bra may be the cause of your lower back pain. Baby is useful to shop for a bra that is suitable for the size of your breasts and will carry them easily without losing time,
  • Although your weight is more than normal, you may have low back pain. For this reason, if you tend to overeat, you should restrain yourself and feed as much as needed,
  • Pay attention to your choice of shoes. Heeled shoes can increase your back pain. Baby is best to wear comfortable shoes without a heel during pregnancy.
  • Try not to stand for a long time,
  • Do not carry heavy shopping packages,
  • Sit calmly while sitting and do not sit too long. Try not to hump while sitting and standing,
  • When you get out of bed, first turn around and get up,
  • Try to relax your waist area. Baby is best to do a pregnancy yoga,
  • Adjust the back of the seat according to your waist while driving,
  • Do not reach out to get something off the shelf,
  • Raise your legs high while resting.
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