24 Weeks Pregnancy

24 Weeks Pregnancy

Most of weight is organs, bones, muscles and fats that accumulate from baby’s body and baby size is now about a soccer ball. From the 24 weeks pregnancy, your sexual desire may suddenly decrease, because you are tired and have a painful period (we are not even talking about trying to balance your growing abdomen and hormone imbalances). During this period, you may not get enough attention from your lucky partner. In either case, you should speak to your partner to agree and remember that this is perfectly normal.

Baby at 24 Weeks Pregnancy

The baby is growing rapidly, baby has already taken about 110 grams since last week. Baby is now almost one foot tall. Now she can pose beautifully in the abdomen and baby body will begin to swell soon. In the case of preterm birth from this week of pregnancy, the baby has a serious chance to live.The baby’s brain is also growing rapidly and the sense of taste continues to develop. The lungs of the baby began to form cells that produce the substance that will help inflate the branches of the respiratory tree and the air bags when baby comes out to the outside world. The baby’s skin is still thin and translucent, but this will change soon. Almost all of his face has been formed; baby also has eyebrows, eyelashes and hair. But at the moment you can not say whether he is blonde, red or brunette, because he does not have pigments.What music do you listen to recently? Your baby can hear all kinds of sounds right now: your breath sounds, the digestion sounds produced by your stomach and intestines, the sound of you and your partner and high-level sounds such as horn, dog barking or siren sound. Some babies even kick in response to the sounds from this week. You can start talking to your baby with your partner to see if the baby will react!

24 Weeks Pregnancy
24 Weeks Pregnancy

Changes in 24 Weeks of Pregnancy

In the past few weeks, the upper part of your uterus has risen to your belly button and baby’s size is now a soccer ball. Many women 24-28. She undergoes a diabetes screening test showing whether there is high blood sugar associated with pregnancy. Untreated diabetes increases the risk of normal delivery or causes the cesarean operation to be performed, as the baby’s upper body becomes too large. The positive result of the test does not indicate that you have gestational diabetes, but you should have a glucose tolerance test to make sure. Another situation that may force you while pregnant for 24 weeks is numb fingers and wrists – symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The numbness you feel in your wrists and fingers is attributed to prolonged repetitive motion, such as writing, but carpal tunnel attacks occur in pregnant women for a completely different reason. Body swelling, which is a very common complaint during pregnancy, causes fluid to accumulate in the hands and feet throughout the day and when you lie down, this fluid spreads to the rest of the body, putting pressure on the nerve that stretches across your wrist. This causes numbness, pain and mild pain in the hands, fingers and wrists.

Relax by avoiding sleeping on your hands and supporting your arms with a pillow. Shaking your hands and wrists will also reduce symptoms. If you perform repetitive movements such as playing or playing the piano, take frequent breaks. If you feel too much pain, the wristband will make you feel more comfortable. Luckily, body swelling and carpal tunnel syndrome disappear completely after pregnancy. Your growing abdomen may cause your balance center to move, making you feel a little unbalanced. Be very careful when standing up and avoid sudden movements. During this period of pregnancy, some women experience problems such as bleeding in the gums or tenderness in the teeth. Be sure to make an appointment with your dentist. If you continue to take care of your teeth regularly, you will not have any problems during your pregnancy. If you still don’t know what are the symptoms of preterm birth, this is the best time to learn right now.

25 Weeks Pregnancy

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