25 Weeks Pregnancy

25 Weeks Pregnancy

The baby weighs approximately 600 grams and is about a small melon in size. Reaching the 25 weeks of pregnancy also means reaching the beginning of the third trimester period, which is the last 3 months of pregnancy. The baby weighs approximately 600 grams and baby is about a small melon in size. One of the things that hasn’t changed for him yet is that he has the space to comfortably turn inside, but there will be a difference from now on. The baby now has a sense of balance that develops inside the inner ear. So as he turns around with pleasure in your belly, he now knows which direction is down and which is up. If baby’s one of the things that can change for you, you can start having sleep problems after these weeks. Baby would be best for you to try to achieve better sleep by trying different techniques instead of finding a handle. One of these methods is to drink plenty of water early in the day and reduce the amount of water you drink towards your bedtime. Thus, you will not only meet the amount of water you need to take during the day, but also have to wake up from your sleep at midnight and go to the toilet. Because from now on, your baby is starting to use your urinary system effectively. This means that you need to go to the bathroom frequently during the day or even at night.

Baby at 25 Weeks Pregnancy

Your baby has begun to develop capillaries inside their lungs, whose development will continue until birth. Maybe there is a longer time for your lungs to fully develop, but baby has left another important step behind for the first breath baby will take. With these weeks, your baby’s wrinkled skin is getting more and more smooth and similar to that of newborn babies. Many of his senses are now more advanced and specialized. Nervous development is still continuing and even your baby’s hands and fingers are shaped. Your baby has the skills to turn baby hand into a fist shape with these developing hand nerves. He now uses his hands to know and feel his environment.

In the time remaining from getting to know his environment, your baby uses baby to suck fingers. Do not be surprised if you encounter this scene during ultrasound at one of your doctor’s appointments. Would you like to hear your baby’s heartbeat while you’re ready to go to your doctor? Baby is possible to listen to your baby’s heartbeat with the help of a stethoscope these weeks. Although you control the temperature of your baby with the help of the placenta, your baby continues to store fat and develop hair during these weeks. Hair development, which starts with the 15th week, continues in these weeks.

25 Weeks Pregnancy
25 Weeks Pregnancy

Changes in 25 Weeks of Pregnancy

Unfortunately, with the end of the 6th month of your pregnancy, you will not only have a baby with an increased number of feathers. Along with this process, a similar situation may be present in the expectant mother. Like many things that happen to you during pregnancy, your hormones are responsible. Speaking of hormones, your body will produce less of the hormones that enable your digestive system to accelerate during this period. In addition, just as your baby uses your urinary system, baby will start using your systems this week for other discharge waste. Digestion problems, gas pains and gastric acid may go to the esophagus from time to time.

The mother’s belly, which started to round and go up from the 15th week, will continue to develop both upwards and horizontally in these weeks. The return of this to the mother, with this period, will be added to the problem of night sleep and the difficulties that can be experienced while lying down. During this period, baby is important for the expectant mothers to choose the right position for lying and sitting. According to the preferences of the people, specially produced pillows can be used for pregnant women. During this period of the last three months of pregnancy, the measures you take for the future should come to the fore as well as daily changes. Baby is ideal for getting accurate results between 25 and 28th weeks of pregnancy in many tests to be done for baby health. The hematocrine / hemoglobin test to be performed during this period is important to predict the presence of anemia. Baby is also useful to perform glucose tolerance and glucose screening during the third trimester.

26 Weeks Pregnancy

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