26 Weeks Pregnancy

26 Weeks Pregnancy

During the 26 weeks pregnancy period, the baby’s height reaches 35.5 cm on average and baby’s weight reaches to about 1 kg. When it comes to the 26 weeks pregnancy period, the baby starts to exercise for the day of birth by using its small lungs. A small amount of breathing in and out of the amniotic fluid helps the development of the lungs. Thus, the alveoli come together and strengthen the lung tissue. The most exciting part of 26 weeks is that the baby starts to open and close its eyes. The baby’s sleep pattern, which continues to get more active in the womb these days, generally progresses in accordance with the sleeping hours of the expectant mother.

Baby at 26 Weeks Pregnancy

Exciting waiting continues in the second half of pregnancy. In the 26th week of pregnancy, the baby can sleep between 20 minutes and 2 hours. The baby will have a special wake-up pattern. If this pattern does not correspond to the daily routine of the expectant mother, the expectant mother may be awakened at midnight with the baby’s kicks. It continues to swallow amniotic fluid for the baby’s breathing activities. It filters this fluid from the digestive system and makes it as urine. Thus, it contributes to the increase in the amount of amniotic fluid. Having sufficient amniotic fluid is vital for the baby. At the end of 26 weeks, the amount of amniotic fluid was approximately 500 ml. This fluid is renewed every 3 hours. In 26 weeks of pregnancy, the baby’s heart rate slowed compared to the first periods. It makes 140-150 beats per minute. Superficial and deep layers formed under the skin. This week, the skin is starting to produce pigment to get color.

Earlier this week, more babies’ hair will grow. Hair color does not occur yet. Some babies are born without hair, others can be born with bushy hair and some of this hair is lost. Some babies are born with dark hair, but the hair color can turn light within a few months. The opposite may also happen, that is, the baby can be born with light hair and baby’s hair may get darker within a few months. During the 26 weeks pregnancy, the baby’s nails, eyebrows and eyelashes continue to be completed. Hand and footprints also began to become clear.

The whole body of the baby is covered with thin hair called lanugo. Lanugo both supports the development of the skin and keeps your body warm. These hairs fall out before birth. The rest will also fall out within a few months after birth.

The vernix caseosa (verniks caseosa) layer (a thick and oily structure) that has been formed on the skin for 5-6 weeks will continue to provide temperature control in the baby’s body until the amount of subcutaneous fat increases. Even though this layer decreases until birth, the time of birth still remains in the baby’s body. This remaining varnish layer also has the task of facilitating the passage of the baby through the birth canal during childbirth.

Since the lung and spine development is largely completed, the baby has a high chance of living with medical assistance in a situation such as preterm birth. The possibility of vital risk decreases in a 26-week baby. Because the probability of living in the outside world has increased, the baby is now considered an individual. The baby’s vision was improved in the previous weeks. The baby could move his eyes left and right. The baby’s eyelids will probably open this week or next week. All babies’ eyes are blue at birth and eye color usually appears 1 month after birth. In some babies, the eye color can change its color from 6 months to 1 year. Brain waves are the same as that of a newborn baby. Brain cells develop, which provide conscious thoughts. Therefore, it is stated that a primitive memory appears in the baby. Some researches; In any language speaking voices are heard from these weeks, it is stated that babies learn and speak very easily. Babies also remember the music they have listened to from this week after birth.

26 Weeks Pregnancy
26 Weeks Pregnancy

Changes in 26 Weeks of Pregnancy

Depending on the weight before pregnancy, figure will probably increase. While gaining that much weight does not sound good, remember that this is a need for the healthy development of the baby.

Especially at the end of the first 3 months, the falling blood pressure is 22-24. Although it tends to decrease again in weeks, blood pressure may increase somewhat in the 26 weeks of pregnancy. Preeclampsia (a serious health problem with a high blood pressure symptom), which is mostly observed in the 37 week of pregnancy, may occur earlier.

Another condition that needs to be observed carefully at the 26 week of pregnancy with high blood pressure is edema in the body. In addition to these symptoms, other changes may occur in your body in case of more severe preeclampsia. These; persistent headache, visual impairment (double vision, blurry, point or light flashing, sensitivity to light, temporary loss of vision), intense pain or vomiting in the upper abdomen. If you see any of these symptoms in your body, you should definitely contact your doctor.

27 Weeks Pregnancy

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