27 Weeks Pregnancy

27 Weeks Pregnancy

The baby, whose weight reached approximately 905 grams in length and 36 cm in the 27 weeks pregnancy period, now sleeps at regular intervals, wakes up, closes baby’s eyes and perhaps sucks fingers. Now, you are in the 27 weeks pregnancy period, that is, at the end of the third trimester period and now you are experiencing new pregnancy symptoms. In these last months, depending on your body’s need for more energy, your appetite may increase. Activities such as healthy eating and a lively lifestyle as possible, some breathing exercises and yoga will help you gather strength for the day the baby will be born.

Baby at 27 Weeks Pregnancy

In this week of your pregnancy, the baby’s weight is almost 905 grams. So the size of the baby is about a handful of cauliflower. Reaching to 36 cm in length, the baby can sleep and wake up at regular intervals, open and close eyes and perhaps suck fingers. Brain activities are now more active as the brain development of the baby takes place more effectively. Although the baby’s lungs are still immature, they are capable of performing their functions. But if the baby is born within this week, he or she will need a lot of medical assistance. You may also feel tiny rhythmic movements due to the baby’s hiccup. The taste of the baby, which has begun to go to the last stage in brain development, is also highly developed. If you eat spicy foods, your baby will get hiccups, but don’t worry, this will go away quickly. During this period, the baby can recognize both your and your partner’s voices. As the nerves reaching the baby’s ears like a net show maturation, the vernix covering the nerves can hear their voices even if they are blurry. Therefore, you can support memory development by singing songs, lullabies or reading a storybook to the baby. It is also possible to hear the baby’s heartbeat sounds within the 27th week.

27 Weeks Pregnancy
27 Weeks Pregnancy

Changes in 27 Weeks of Pregnancy

With the end of the second trimester, your body is quickly taking action for the final lap, bringing in new symptoms. Symptoms such as increased cramps in the leg muscles, especially back pain, can be experienced during the 27 weeks pregnancy period. As a result of the enlargement of the uterus and the increasing weight of the baby carried, there is a pressure on the veins that make blood circulation from your legs to your heart. Unfortunately, cramps get worse as the gestational process progresses. Cramps, which are usually felt at night, can also be experienced during the day.

Another condition experienced in your body during the 27 weeks pregnancy period is edema and swelling. So much so that 3 out of every 4 pregnant women experience edema and bloating problems. In particular, edema in the ankles, feet and hands occurs in the form of fluid accumulation in the body tissues. Due to edema, your rings on your fingers and shoes on your feet become inaccessible. If edema swelling is excessive, it is useful to consult your doctor. You can reduce your edema and swelling by trying to do pregnancy-appropriate exercises such as walking and swimming. On the other hand, you should also pay attention to daily water consumption. Too much edema in your body does not mean that you need to reduce water consumption. It is important to drink water regularly during the day in order to provide hydration. Edema is a temporary problem and disappears after childbirth.

During this week of your pregnancy, fainting and dizziness, especially fainting, are the most common symptoms.

Another symptom you may experience during this period is bleeding gums, inflammation of the gums and swelling of the gums. Restless leg syndrome is also one of the symptoms that can be experienced in the 27 week of pregnancy. Restless leg syndrome manifests itself, especially at night. If you are experiencing restless leg syndrome at this stage of your pregnancy, it will be useful to talk to your doctor about the issue. Because sometimes there is a link between restless legs syndrome and certain conditions such as iron deficiency, anemia or food sensitivity. Yoga or some relaxation techniques can help alleviate restless legs syndrome.

Due to the growing growth of the baby in the uterus, itching may occur with drying of the skin due to tension and tension in your skin. Moisturizing creams you will use regularly will help prevent your skin from drying out and itching. Nasal congestion can also be experienced during the 27 weeks pregnancy period. Also, a condition called round ligament pain can occur during this period of your pregnancy.

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