28 Weeks Pregnancy

The baby’s weight exceeds 1 kg in the 28 weeks pregnancy period and baby’S height reaches approximately 38 cm. By the 28 week of your pregnancy, you will switch to the third trimester. Two-thirds of your pregnancy is behind and you have entered the final straight. Now may be a good time to make important decisions about your baby’s birth and postpartum life. It would be beneficial for you not to leave everything after the birth of the baby and to clarify some issues from now on. Thinking about them can be challenging while your pregnancy symptoms aren’t chasing you, but remember that after the baby is born, you will be much more busy and life will not be easier.

Baby at 28 Weeks Pregnancy

The baby’s weight will continue to increase by 28 weeks of pregnancy. Likewise, its length reaches approximately 38 cm. Reaching a large eggplant size, the baby begins to blink with its eyelashes formed on the 28th week. The eyes of the baby, which is closed until the 28th week, are now opened. The baby’s eyesight increases with each passing day and even though it is filtered by your uterus and belly, the baby can see light. Do not think that blinking is his most important skill this week. He continues to work on a lot of different talents to surprise you when you are born. For example, hiccups, coughs, sucking and perhaps most importantly, breathing. In addition, the baby prepared for life outside is trying to increase the rate of fat in his body. That’s why the baby is gaining more and more weight every day. Because this is very important for the baby right now. It also continues to develop millions of neurons in the baby’s brain. The measured brain wave activities of the fetus in the womb at the 28th week showed that there were different sleep cycles. These cycles include fast eye movements, just like dreaming. For this reason, it is thought that babies can dream in the womb.

The baby’s heart is now highly developed. In fact, the baby’s heartbeat has now become so strong that when your partner puts his ear on your stomach, he can hear the heartbeat of the fetus. As of the 28th week, your obstetrician does not need to use doppler to hear the baby’s heart. With a stethoscope, the baby’s heartbeat is easily heard. By the way, although the baby’s bones are still soft, they complete their development this week. In short, at 28 weeks, the baby tries to put the finishing touches on the important organs and systems of his body before birth. It is also necessary to say that the eyes of the baby are now colored. However, this color can change from 6 months to 1 year after birth. (Especially if the baby is born with blue eyes, the eye color will probably change.) Another important development is that the baby is now adjusting to the appropriate position for birth. The baby’s head is positioned towards the nearest exit it finds in your body, with the head down.

28 Weeks Pregnancy
28 Weeks Pregnancy

Changes in 28 Weeks of Pregnancy

You have entered the third and last trimester. In this period, a feeling like tingling may appear on the lower legs of the expectant mothers, especially while trying to relax or sleep. For this reason, they always want to move their legs. If this feeling goes away when you move your legs, you may suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome. Although it is still unknown what causes Restless Legs Syndrome, it occurs very often in expectant mothers. To intervene in this situation, try to relax your legs, massage and stay away from caffeine that increases Restless Legs Syndrome. You can also ask your obstetrician if you can get iron supplements as additional nutrients, because the iron will relieve your Restless Leg Syndrome.

After this week, you should see your obstetrician or doctor every 2 weeks. After the 36th week, you will need to increase your visits once a week. Depending on your risk factor, your obstetrician may ask you to take your HIV and syphilis tests again, as well as chlamydia and gonorrhea cultures, to ensure your condition is clear before birth. However, if your sugar tests are high and you have not had your following tests yet, you may need to have a 3-hour glucose tolerance test soon. If your blood tests were done on your first visit to the doctor and you have a Rh (-) blood, you need to have a needle to prevent the antibodies in your blood from attacking the baby’s blood. (If the baby’s blood is Rh (+), you will need to have another injection after birth)

You may start feeling tired again in the last trimester. Moreover, unlike the first trimester, the baby is moving now. Your nighttime sleep will not be as efficient as it used to be because of your little naughty who do not leave you alone at night. We know that your back pain feels like it will never go away at the moment. Even if the baby is not yet born and not crying, it strains your nerves! Yeah, it’s really straining your nerves. Your head and expanding uterus can rest on your sciatic nerve, which is located in the lower parts of your spine while the baby is trying to move to the proper position for birth. If this happens, a sharp, pounding pain, tingling and numbness spreads from your hips to your legs. Sciatica pain can sometimes be very severe, but if the baby changes position, your pain will ease and pass. However, in some pregnancies, this pain may continue until birth. A hot water bottle, a hot bath in the tub and bed rest can relieve your pain.

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