3 Weeks Pregnancy

3 Weeks Pregnancy

In fact, your body undergoes many changes both inside and outside, even if it is not clear from your appearance that you are still pregnant during the 3 weeks pregnancy period. In the 3 weeks gestation period, you are at the beginning of the first trimester (the first 3 months of pregnancy). The first trimester, which lasts from the beginning of pregnancy to the 13th month, will be the period in which you experience the most change in your life, from the moment you put your baby on your lap. Generally, mothers find out that they are pregnant after the delay in their menstrual period in the 2nd or 3rd week. Even if it is not clear from your appearance that you are pregnant yet, your body is undergoing many changes both from inside and outside. You will experience the development of your baby’s brain, heart and spine by experiencing it during the first trimester, when growth is the fastest compared to other pregnancy periods. Among the 3 weeks pregnancy symptoms, many different symptoms can vary from person to person, such as back pain, fatigue and mild cramps.

3 Weeks Pregnant
3 Weeks Pregnant

How can a Baby be During the 3 Weeks Pregnancy Period?

The egg that occurs in your body, fertilized by the important meeting of sperm cell and egg, ceases to be just one cell after a few days. Even though your baby is still very small, the number of cells increases within hours. Your baby, consisting of a large number of cells, also called zygote, moves forward from the prosthetic tube into the womb this week. This journey takes approximately 6 days and when the zygote reaches the uterus, it takes its position that it will develop for 9 months. While the number of cells is constantly increasing, some of these cells turn into embryos and some form the placenta. Later, HCG, called the pregnancy hormone is started to be produced. Thanks to this hormone, your body stops egg production and increases estrogen and progesterone production. Meanwhile, the amniotic fluid begins to wrap the space around the zygote to form an amniotic sac and serve as a cushion that will last for months. The next week, until your placenta develops and is able to perform its duties, your baby receives its oxygen and nutrient needs from a simple circulatory system consisting of microscopic channels connected to the vessels in the uterine wall and removes its wastes in this way.

When Can You Find Out the Sex of Your Baby?

In fact, the sex of the baby that is 3 weeks old is already clear. The fertilized egg has 46 chromosomes, 23 of which are from the mother and 23 from the father. X chromosomes are available from the mother. The chromosome from the father may be an X or Y chromosome. If she has a XX chromosome, she will be a girl 9 months later and if she has a XY chromosome, she will be a baby boy.

3 Weeks Pregnant Signs

  • Implantation During Pregnancy: As the fertilized egg settles in the uterus, there may be a slight bleeding, which appears to be staining in the laundry after 5-10 days. After fertilization, the cells of the embryo continue to multiply rapidly and travel into the uterus. The embryo chooses a suitable place to settle in the uterus prepared for it. It often settles on the back wall at the top of the uterus. During this settlement, capillaries sometimes burst and implantation / settlement bleeding / bleeding called vision occurs. Less than 30% of women experience this bleeding, called implantation or settlement bleeding. In other words, the reason for the bleeding complaint in the 3rd week of pregnancy may be the baby holding onto the womb.
  • Bleeding During Pregnancy: Bleeding during pregnancy causes anxiety in every woman, but bleeding during pregnancy is not always abnormal. We mentioned above about bleeding during implantation period. This condition occurs on the surface of the uterus. You do not know yet that you are pregnant in this period. Because even one period has not been delayed. So, in such a situation, you can only think that the menstrual period has started. Bleeding can occur for different reasons in different trimesters of pregnancy.

What Should be Considered During 3 Weeks Pregnancy?

  • Use of Folic Acid in 3 Weeks Pregnancy: Folic acid, also called folate, folasin or vitamin B9, has a special place in the diet during the first months of pregnancy. Research shows that taking folic acid during pregnancy helps prevent or reduce neural tube defects that may occur in the baby.
  • Pregnancy Exercise: Exercise is an important part of life for many people. Regular exercise plays a preventive role in the emergence of some medical problems. Cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, premenstrual tension syndrome (PMS), depression, obesity are some of them.
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