8 Weeks Pregnancy

In the 8 weeks pregnancy that is, in the last week of the second month of your pregnancy, your baby continues to grow like a storm. Your baby will be over 1 cm tall at 8 weeks pregnancy. It can be said that the height of the baby corresponds to approximately 1.4 to 2 cm in 8 weeks pregnancy. 8 weeks baby development, your tiny baby, now as much as a raspberry or kidney bean, is now starting to look human. In other words, your baby’s nose, lips, eyelids, legs and back began to take shape in the image of the baby in 8 weeks. Changes continue to occur in the mother for 8 weeks during pregnancy. The expectant mother, who was 8 weeks pregnant, started to feel that she had a slight change in the size and waist of her clothes. The reason for this is that although the uterus grows more and more, it is still not big enough to be noticed from the outside. It is stated that the doctor will see that the uterus is enlarged if the mother performs a pelvic examination.

Changes in 8 Weeks Baby in Pregnancy

Starting this week, we can talk about your baby’s weight. In 8 weeks of pregnancy, your baby is approximately 1.5-2 cm tall and your 8 week old baby’s weight is approximately 1 g. It is around. This period is the beginning of a period in which your baby’s development has accelerated considerably. Your baby’s eyelids and eyelids will occur this week, nerve cells in the retina will begin to develop. The beginning of the formation of color in the 8th week eye retina during pregnancy is an indication of what color your baby’s eyes will become. As time flows fast, your baby continues to grow and develop in your abdomen. As of this week, his eyes, nose and mouth become more evident. Eyelids start to form. The jaw is formed and the ears take the form that they should be inside and outside.

8 Weeks Pregnancy
8 Weeks Pregnancy

Image of 8 Weeks Baby

In the development of the baby at 8 weeks pregnancy, your baby’s heart valves and passages that allow the air to get from the throat to the lungs begin to form. The development of the lungs is accelerating this week, but the completion of all the structures of the lung will take place at the end of the 34th week of pregnancy. In addition to the formation of tongue and lips, the tooth and palate structure are starting to form correctly at the end of this week. The lenses (intestines), intestines, pancreas and bronchi in their eyes are gradually becoming more evident. As the nerve conduction in the arms begins, the palms become prominent. At the same time, his spinal cord has started to develop. At present, skeletal tissue is ready as a draft. These bone cartilage bones, which are still in the form of cartilage, will become bone in the following weeks. As his fingers and toes are formed, he begins to pull on the curtains between his fingers.

The Condition of the Baby at 8 Weeks of Pregnancy

The 8 weeks old baby is between 10 and 13 millimeters tall and weighs about 1 gram. Hands and feet budding next to the body in the past weeks started to form as curtains this week. While the brain development continues rapidly, his head is still the biggest part of his body. The development of the internal organs will continue on a regular basis, firstly it began to take its place in the body of the spleen and liver. As with the whole body, bones and cartilage are gradually formed on the face, the auricle, oral cavity and palate become evident.

Changes in 8 Weeks of Pregnancy

Do not be surprised if your breasts do not fit in your old bra. The increase in your hormone levels also affects your breast size. Also, since your body is prepared to give milk, the hormones responsible for lactation cause your breasts to grow more and more. Also, the areola (brown area around the nipple) may also appear darker than usual. The reason for these darkness that can be seen in various parts of the body during pregnancy is the hormone melanin. This hormone can increase pigmentation on your skin, making the areas that are already a little darker appear darker. Don’t worry, many of them usually disappear after pregnancy, but the darkening and changes in your nipples will likely last as long as you continue breastfeeding.

It’s twice as much as your uterus before getting pregnant, but it’s still not possible for your abdomen to become clear. If you feel that your stomach is growing, one of the reasons may be the tension in your intestines. It is completely natural that you are having problems in your digestive system due to the pressure of your uterus and your tissues changing due to your rising hormones. To avoid problems such as bloating, gas and constipation, try to include plenty of green leafy and fiber foods in your diet and consume plenty of water. Light exercises that you can do during your pregnancy will also help reduce your digestive problems.

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