9 Weeks Pregnancy

You are still in the first trimester during the 9 weeks pregnancy period. Your pregnancy symptoms continue at full speed and important innovations appear in your baby’s development. Your baby will turn from an embryo to a fetus at the end of this week, even if it does not seem to flow quickly while pregnant. Also, even if you are having a hard time due to the symptoms created by your body prepared for your baby, which is almost as big as an olive, it is useful to be patient. A more comfortable pregnancy experience is waiting for you towards the second trimester period. Minor cramps may occur in the first trimester. During your pregnancy, take care not to interrupt physical activities and stay on the move to keep both you and your baby more comfortable and healthy.

9 Weeks Pregnancy
9 Weeks Pregnancy

Baby at 9 Weeks Pregnancy

The new resident of your body reaches approximately 2.5 cm during the 9 weeks pregnancy period. Although it has grown as much as a grape seed yet, it looks more like a person every day. Basic body parts have already begun to form and in the coming months these parts will show much more detailed development. In addition to the fact that your tiny heart is divided into four chambers and the heart valves begin to take shape, many changes occur in your baby’s body, such as the start of the muscles, nerves and organs of your baby. However, even though your baby has started to move, you still have 1 or 2 months to start feeling her movements.

Although you have to wait 8 more weeks to learn the sex of your baby, it will be good news for you to learn that your baby’s reproductive organs have developed this week. In addition to the reproductive organs, key organs such as the pancreas and gall bladder began to take shape. Their little fingers are getting bigger and more like a hand every day and unique fingerprint formation starts this week. Although their eyes have taken their final form, the eyelids will be closed until the 27-week gestation period. The mouth, nose and nostrils of your baby, which already has tiny earlobes, has become more apparent than in previous weeks. The placenta has developed sufficiently and is now ready to take on some important tasks performed by reproductive hormones. As of this week, your baby’s physiology is ready to gain weight and develop quickly.

It may be too early to feel your baby’s movements yet, but it is high time to hear your heart. His heart is now advanced enough to be heard on ultrasound, but if you can’t hear your baby’s heartbeat immediately at your controls, don’t panic. It may be hiding in a small naughty corner. Be sure to hear this miraculous sound with your own ears after a few weeks or at your next doctor’s appointment.

Changes in 9 Weeks of Pregnancy

Even though you feel that you are pregnant with your waist and abdomen that began to thicken during the 9-week pregnancy period, you may not seem to be still pregnant. But since 9 weeks pregnancy syndromes are starting to push your limits, you will feel your pregnancy fully. In this period, along with morning sickness and other physical symptoms that continue with full gas, many women experience extreme changes in emotions. It is normal for you to feel extremely ready or panicked to become parents due to these frequent changes in the state. Look a little calm, because in many women, this mood change occurs between 6 and 10 weeks. When the second trimester passes, it decreases and reappears towards the end of pregnancy.

It is also normal for you to feel tired at the 9 weeks. The most common symptoms that pregnant women experience in the 9th week are to think about when you will lie and lie on the bed all day, rest your feet and have a nap during the day. The reason for pregnancy fatigue, which is frequently seen especially in the first trimester, is that your body prepares itself for motherhood. Don’t worry, when you switch to the second trimester, your energy increases and your morning sickness decreases. Towards the end of pregnancy and in the third trimester, you can start feeling tired again.


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