About Us


Gravid.Net, which takes it as a duty to deliver the proven information to the users in a complete manner, started broadcasting in 2020 with the slogan of ‘serving humanity with the right source and correct information’.

It provides detailed information on alternative medicine such as pregnancy, week by week pregnancy, gynecology, natural treatments and other pregnancy problems as well as alternative medicine such as herbal treatments and natural methods and baby health, family counseling and many more important pregnancy issues. The main theme of the web project, which answers all the questions in the minds of the families from the communication section is to deliver the correct information to the user with the right source. Gravid.Net, you can find step-by-step information and tips on topics such as physical, psychological development and changes during your pregnancy, breastfeeding period and benefits, transition to additional nutrients and proper nutrition during the years of walking, physical and psychological development of your baby. You can easily learn what you are wondering and make your maternity journey easier. In addition, healthy and practical recipes for your baby and special surprises are waiting for you on our website.

If the issues like deciding to have children, pregnancy, childbirth, newborn baby care and child development take up a large part of your life, you are in the right place! We are here as Gravid.Net to support you in such matters!

In our country where 1.2 million babies are born every year, 1 out of every 2 pregnant women benefit from our site. On this platform, you can find every topic you are curious about motherhood and child care with our articles and videos that we have prepared with the information we have gathered from expert opinions and scientifically reliable sources. Of course, what we offer you does not end with this! From time to time, you may need the ideas and experiences of someone who has gone through these ways like yourself. You can also ask what they wonder about in the comment section. At the same time, you can find birthday place, patisserie, organization companies, gymnasiums, courses, workshops, dieticians and many more needs for our child’s special days on our website and you can easily contact.

How Do We Prepare Our Content?

We know that you want to reach the most accurate information about nutrition, pregnancy, health and baby care. We are aware of its sensitivity in this matter and therefore we pay attention to the content we prepare based on scientific basis. Therefore, we have specialists who guide us in the most sensitive issues and illuminate them with their opinions. We aim to give you the most accurate information with the opinions we have collected from experts from obstetricians to pediatricians, from pilates instructors to dieticians, from sleep trainers to psychologists. We also have a large bibliography that we use to prepare our content. Among these resources, there are books, pdfs and articles prepared by experts from all over the world, which are preferred by mothers. We definitely use these resources in each of our articles. In every article we prepare, we try to answer the questions in your mind by turning to the topics you are most curious about. We enrich our articles with paintings, images, infographics and videos. In other words, we strive to give you all the materials that will be useful for the subject you are researching in a single article.