Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

The question of how do I know if I am pregnant, sometimes anxiety, sometimes a sweet expression of haste. It is very important to understand pregnancy early. Early pregnancy is important not only to adapt to the process but also to diagnose some important conditions. So, what are the symptoms of early pregnancy? In other words, is it possible to understand pregnancy early? We investigated the signs of early pregnancy for you…

Early Signs Of Pregnancy
Early Signs Of Pregnancy

What are Early Pregnancy Symptoms?

Understanding early pregnancy is extremely important, as we mentioned above. So what changes allow us to understand that we are pregnant or how to understand a one-month pregnancy?

How to Understand Pregnancy

Many people think that there are obvious symptoms such as “acne is a sign of pregnancy” or “if the legs hurt, there is pregnancy”. However, it is not possible to read such symptoms in the early period of pregnancy (first month). For this reason, the following three methods are used to find out if she is pregnant.

  • See the menstrual period: the delay in the menstrual cycle is the clearest sign of pregnancy. If your period is delayed for a few days, you can take a test with suspicion of pregnancy. But for this, you should regularly follow the period of menstruation and you should not have menstrual irregularities.
  • Make a urine test: You can get results quickly by taking pregnancy test kits sold in pharmacies. You can easily use these kits at home, at the office. You should pay attention to the expiration date of the product before using the pregnancy kits. It is also very important that the package is not open, that is, it does not come into contact with air and moisture, so that the pregnancy test will work correctly. Also, these tests give the best results in the sample at your first urination when you wake up in the morning. Therefore, if possible, take the test and wait until morning and do the test in the morning.
  • Make a blood test: Pregnancy test is done in blood in health institutions. You can go to a health institution and give blood and get results in one day.

Early Pregnancy Symptoms in the Body

As we mentioned above, the most accurate way to find out if you are pregnant is to have a test. But because it is different from every woman, some pregnancy symptoms can be mentioned, although it does not give definitive results:

  • Nipple stiffness
  • Frequent urination
  • Having a stomach-groin pain but not having a period
  • Bleeding in the form of light spotting
  • Nausea
  • Weakness
  • Bloating feeling
  • Feeling full in the groin
  • Willingness to sleep
  • Intense and fluid vaginal discharge (as estrogen increases)

Pregnancy hormones can cause the above symptoms, but these symptoms may also be based on different causes. For this reason, if you have such a suspicion, it is recommended that you test immediately.

Why is It Important to Recognize Pregnancy Early?

It is very important to understand pregnancy early. Because, it is possible for the expectant mother to plan herself for the changing situation. However, sometimes it is vital to recognize conditions such as ectopic early. External pregnancy developing in the tubes may cause the tubes to burst and internal bleeding if not noticed. For this reason, it is extremely important to recognize pregnancy early and to go to the doctor regularly.

Shopping in the Early Period of Pregnancy

It is not recommended to shop for mom and baby in the early stages of pregnancy. Because this is a 9-month journey where you can encounter various situations. However, from the fifth month on, you can go shopping for the needs of the baby. For those who are eager to do this in the early period, things like research and shopping lists can be enjoyable. You can prepare a detailed list for these products by opening a file for yourself and dividing it into two as mother needs and baby needs.

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