Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

You will have some major changes during pregnancy and we are not just talking about growing your belly! Your feelings, health, sleeping patterns and relationships may also differ, so it’s very natural to have a lot of questions and anxiety. Here are a few tips that may be useful to you:

Using Medication During Pregnancy

For example; if you are considering using medicines for acne, migraine or flu, contact your doctor or pharmacist first, as some medications should not be taken during pregnancy.

Nausea in Pregnancy

If you be trouble with nausea, the following tips may be helpful:

  • Eat light meals in small portions throughout the day.
  • Drink liquid instead of snacks between meals.
  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Have your breakfast in bed. Get up slowly out of bed in the morning.
  • Avoid spicy and fatty foods.

Brush Your Teeth

Pregnancy hormones bring many questions that need to be answered. Hormones can cause your gums to swell, become inflamed and bleed more easily and can leave your mouth vulnerable to bacteria and plaque. Brush your teeth regularly with a soft toothbrush and ask your dentist to clean and polish your teeth.

Tips and Tricks
Tips and Tricks


Do not be surprised if you start snoring while pregnant. This is because the nasal mucosa membrane begins to thicken and your body carries more fluid than usual. If snoring is a problem, get an ear plug for your husband!

Sexual and Pregnancy

It is safe to have sex as long as you feel comfortable throughout your pregnancy. Some women feel that their libido is increasing, no doubt because more blood is circulating in your body! If you feel discomfort in your lower abdomen during or after orgasm, this is normal and does not a risk to the baby. Experts believe that this is due to the stretching of the connective tissues in the uterus or the uterus itself.


Setting Name

Setting a name for your baby is a big responsibility and also quite fun. If you do not think of names, browse websites that list popular names or check out the generics in movies and TV shows. Sometimes you may encounter very original names.

Have You Been Have Influenza During Pregnancy?

Are you having a cold or flu? Do not panic. Your baby will not be affected. he placenta prevents viruses from getting in. However, if you have a fever, your baby will likely feel the effects, so you should consult your family doctor. Remember that many drugs can not be taken during pregnancy, your pharmacist or doctor will advise.

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