User Agreement

User Agreement

These terms of use cover the terms and conditions regarding the use of the website (“website”) operated by Gravid.Net at Any use of the website is subject to these terms of use and the Terms of Use will be binding upon the use of the Site. Users who do not accept the Terms of Use should not use the website. Gravid.Net reserves the right to make changes from time to time and there is no obligation to notify users of these changes in advance.

Guidelines for Using Gravid.Net

The scope and content of the website are determined exclusively by Gravid.Net. Gravid.Net has the right to change the services and content offered within the scope of the website and the website from time to time without any notification obligation. In this context, Gravid.Net may suspend Gravid.Net or terminate the use of the website without any prior notification. The content and services available on Gravid.Net cannot be used for illegal purposes. In any use of Gravid.Net, compliance with the applicable legislation, these Terms of Use and other rules that may be published within the website and any other agreements you may conclude with Gravid.Net regarding the use of the website, will be ensured.

Actions that would hinder the operation of Gravid.Net or harm other people associated with the website are prohibited and users undertake to refrain from such actions. Details about the information you share on Gravid.Net and the use of information about the transactions you perform are regulated within the scope of the Privacy Policy, which is a supplement to the terms of use. Gravid.Net will not use the said information outside the scope of the Privacy Policy, unless there is any other contract, terms of use and other documents that contain a contrary / additional arrangement with the relevant user.

Intellectual Property Rights

All kinds of rights, property and interests, especially intellectual and industrial property rights on Gravid.Net, belong to the website. Nothing in the terms of use shall be construed as the transfer of these rights, property and benefits to the users, in whole or in part. These terms of use give users a worldwide, free, personal, non-transferable and non-exclusive use that is limited to the use of the Gravid.Net website only for the purposes for which it is provided. Users cannot copy, modify, duplicate, reverse engineer, compile and access the source code of the software on the site in Gravid.Net (including related content) and software that the website is running on.

Limitation of Liability

Access to the services offered on the site and the quality of these services are largely based on the quality of the service provided from the relevant internet service provider. Access to sites, platforms or content that are not managed by Gravid.Net can be accessed through the site and there is no obligation or commitment regarding the site, platform or content in question.